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Please help us by sending us your suggestions and comments.  We take a close look at every bit of input we receive whether it's positive or negative.  We would like to know what works and what doesn't work and how to make it better!  Please email us at:                   suggestions@tanghelp.com
                                                                               We will respond to you only if you request a response.
                                                                              Please include the clinic location you are writing about.
                                           WANT TO MAKE YOUR COMMENTS ANONYMOUS?  NO PROBLEM. HERE ARE SOME IDEAS:

                            1.  Use your own email adddress if it does not include your name.  We will not attempt to track or trace your email.  
                                 We never share your email address with anyone...ever...for any reason.  
                            2. If you want to use a SUPER anonymous email address to contact TANG, here is a service that lets you create an
                                untraceable email account that is temporary and disposable.   It's totally legit!  I tried it.  It works and it's easy.

                                                                        Thank you! -  Carolyn Keelaghan, TANG Executive Director