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Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction
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TANG offers methadone maintenance and detoxification services. These services include periodic physical and mental assessment and ongoing individual and group counseling. 

What to Expect During Treatment

​Following stabilization on methadone, our primary purpose is to help you identify, achieve and maintain a productive, stable lifestyle free from use of illicit opiates. This is accomplished through an individual treatment plan that reflects your potential to reach your highest level of functioning. For some, this may be lifelong retention on methadone. For others, however, methadone is a short-term, stabilizing form of treatment leading to a transition to other drug-free modalities and an ultimate drug-free lifestyle.

You will work with a counselor who has been trained in providing treatment services to individuals with substance abuse issues. A part of these services includes identifying a consumer's needs for rehabilitative services (such as vocational, educational, legal, mental health, alcoholism and social services) and putting them in touch with people or agencies in the community who can provide these services. Assistance in some of these areas is available at this clinic; however, it is often necessary for a consumer to go to outside agencies to receive comprehensive services. Your counselor is able to introduce you to some of the providers of the services that are available in the community and give you a referral for utilizing these services.